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My migraine was so bad that I was going to go to the hospital.  I decided to try the cold stone migraine therapy session instead.  Much to my surprise, it reduced the pain to a level that I was able to make it to work that evening!  The cold stone therapy saved me from having to go to the hospital and get a shot.                                                     
Thank you, Jamie

A friend gave me the gift of a Raindrop session. Even though I didn’t have any aches and pains, the session turned out to be a  very pleasant surprise.  It was an hour long with a steady change of oils.  And I got to enjoy the different aromas each brought and the relaxation of each one. 
Thanks, RLS

I do a tremendous amount of driving for my job. My neck and shoulders tense up from all the hours of driving causing a lot pain. I was very pleased to find a therapist that was able to work with my specific needs and produce the results I need to feel relief from my job induced discomfort.  It is very comforting to know I can make one phone call to Melanie that says, “I am all racked up and need a session”, and relief will be on the way.                  Thank you, J.G.

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