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Massage Therapy  from simple relaxation to complex pain management your session will always be designed for you  30, 45, 60, or 90 min  $40, $55, $70, $100  (Pregnancy massage can be substituted)  



Lymphatic Drainage  this massage is for the lymphatic system and involves short, light massage strokes and pumping techniques around lymph nodes; helps move lymph for detoxing.  Ayurverdic dry skin brushing, too  45 or 60 min  $55, $70




Raindrop Therapy  9 organic Young Living essential oils are worked into the reflexes on your feet and then dropped along your spine like raindrops; followed by a back massage and warm towels on your back  60 min  $95 



Cold Stone Massage  mild aromatherapy and cold stones on your face, warm towels wrapped around your feet, reflexology and massage  70 min  $80  




Hot Stone Massage  soothing volcanic heated stones glide along your back muscles to melt away tension and increase circulation;  a relaxing massage is included  70 minutes  $80      




Hand Reflexology  thumb pressure applied to reflexes on the hands along with arm and shoulder massage help to release shoulder, arm, wrist, hand and finger pain  30 min  $40 




Foot Reflexology  thumb walking pressure on foot reflexes and calf massage ease calf, ankle, foot, and toe pain and helps the entire body by way of the nervous system  30 or 45 min  $40, $55




Hand & Foot Reflexology  comfortable thumb reflexology pressure on the hands and feet and forearm and calf massage ease pain and create a deep sense of relaxation;  your whole body is helped due to reflexes being worked  45 or 60 min  $55, $70 






In-Home Services  if you have your own massage table and have had at least one session at the home office this option may be for you;  cost of service

Corporate Services  studies show that offering wellness services to employees can increase their productivity;  cost of service   





Cupping & Qua Sha  silicone suction cups are applied where there is pain and gently moved around or left on the skin for a few minutes, and Qua Sha (scraping) increase circulation and ease pain  10 min  $10 




Scalp & Face Massage  massage of the scalp, face and neck increase circulation to the area and is relaxing to the body and mind  10 min  $10 






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