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Frequently Asked Questions about Massage Therapy
at Wellness Organix Massage

Am I supposed to talk during my massage?  Since the session is your time, you can talk if you want or be silent. Your therapist will talk at first to get information that will help to give you the best massage, to build up trust, and make sure you are comfortable.  After that, it is totally up to you whether you want to talk or not.

What can I do to speed up healing time after a massage? The number one answer is drink lots of water.  This will help you not become sore after a massage and dilute any toxins in your body massage may have stirred up. The second recommendation is to stretch out your muscles. Your therapist can give you exercises and even recommend natural anti-inflammatories and natural muscles relaxants.

What if I have questions about healing or massage?  Please ask your therapist questions at any time. She is there to be a source of knowledge for your healing. She will even show you proper exercises that will lengthen your muscles. A great time to stretch is after a massage when your muscles are warmed up.

I see reflexology advertised as foot massage a lot.  Is reflexology massage?  No. Massage works primarily with the muscular system. Reflexology works with the nervous system. Comfortable pressure is used on the feet with the therapist’s fingers. This form of healing has a positive effect on the entire body as well as the feet.

How can I know if my therapist is certified?  The therapist at Wellness Organix Massage is certified by the state of Indiana. Your therapist exceeds the state qualifications for a massage therapist. She has a 1,000 hour certification in massage therapy and is a certified Associate Polarity Practitioner (APP).

Do I need to remove all of my clothes?  No, dress down to your comfort level only.  However, you will receive the best massage by taking everything off but your panties. You will be covered up with a sheet and blanket.  Only the areas being massaged will be uncovered at any given time.

Are there some areas that are not massaged?  Your therapist will ask you if there are any areas that you do not want massaged. The therapist at Wellness Organix Massage does not massage the breasts, abdomen, and of course, the genitals. 

I do not want to take my clothes off.  Is there a type of massage service that I can get that I do not have to take my clothes off?  Sure. Reflexology is a great session. Also, we offer a Restorative Therapy session where your therapist can use a variety of techniques based on other cultures that will have the same if not more relaxing effect on the body.

What if the pressure is too deep or not enough?  The therapist at Wellness Organix Massage would like to know if it is ever too much or not enough pressure. 

Does a deep tissue massage mean deep pressure?  No. In fact, when you are experiencing pain usually the last thing your body needs is deep pressure. This could in fact harm your muscles further.   Deep tissue means skillfully getting to the deepest layers of the muscles. This should not cause you more pain.

What if I get too cold or too hot?  Please let your therapist know if you ever get too hot or too cold. She will gladly adjust the temperature in the room so that you are comfortable.

I am sensitive to certain products.  How do I know if the products are good for my skin?  Your therapist uses organic lotions only whenever possible. What we put on our skin gets absorbed into the cells of our body. Only best organic products that are free of chemicals and preservatives are used on customers.

What if I do not like the music?  Please let your massage therapist know if you have any music requests. You can even bring your own music if you would like. If you prefer not to have music, just let your therapist know and she will turn off the sound so it is quiet.



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