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Melanie Herendeen

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Wellness Organix Massage offers a soothing environment, simple and uncluttered, with only the best organic products used on your skin.

Melanie Herendeen

The owner is Melanie Herendeen, BS, APP, CMT.  Her experience and education in bodywork, psychology, organic lotions, oils, and herbs give her a unique ability to create results.

Melanie worked in a day spa and then a wellness center prior to opening Wellness Organix Massage in 2011.

She is certified by the state of Indiana as a massage therapist. She received a 1000 hour certification from Ivy Tech in therapeutic massage with honors in 2007.

She has a multi-cultural interest, which led her to earn certification in Polarity Therapy (133 hours) in 2002 from Columbus Integrative Therapy and Bodywork. She is an Associate Polarity Practitioner. Polarity Therapy is based on Ayurveda, the alternative healing system of India.

Because of her interest in mind body medicine she earned a BS in psychology and a minor in biology in 1998 from Northern Arizona University.

Many seek her out for medical massages such as plantar fasciitis massage, and other specialty massages. And of course, the bulk of her business is the tried and true relaxation and therapeutic massages.

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She selects oils and lotions with anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and muscle relaxant properties individually for each customer and to use in her sessions. 

She has been practicing yoga for 25 years and often gives specific yoga instructions.  More importantly, she now practices Classical Stretch almost daily.  Classical Stretch is on PBS channel 39 and is created by Miranda Esmonde White.  She feels it is more advanced and more therapeutic than yoga .

Because many women come to her who have been hurt from massage, she wants people to know that deep tissue massage does not mean deep pressure. It means getting through the layers of the muscles in a systematic way. Her therapeutic massage and medical massages are designed to do that.

Melanie seeks to ignite passion and dedication in every client who comes through her door to become totally relaxed, totally pain free, and feel totally beautiful!

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