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Tennis Ball Home Therapy for Sciatica  


Sciatica can be quite painful! It can be caused from muscles in the gluteal region, from your lower back, or both areas.   


The good news is it can be relieved with a few simple techniques. All you need is your own body weight and a few tennis balls.


The following information will explain how to reduce sciatic pain.For best results warm up the muscles for 5 minutes by going for a walk or exercising on your favorite cardio equipment. 


Now you are ready to use the tennis balls.  If your pain is caused by your low back and you have sciatica on both legs use 2 tennis balls.  (You can put them in a sock and tie the open end or just place one on each side of your spine).  Otherwise just use one tennis ball on the side that has sciatica.   


Lie down on your back with your knees bent.  Place a tennis ball on one or both sides of your lower back.  Slowly release your body weight on top of the tennis ball(s).  Hold until you feel the muscles softening.  Move the tennis balls up slightly and repeat.  Do this a few more times while moving up the spine slightly. 


If your pain is caused by tight gluteal muscles place one tennis ball under the gluteal region of the leg that hurts. Put your body weight on the tennis ball.  Hold until you feel the muscle relax.  Cover the entire gluteal region by moving the tennis ball and press holding then releasing.  Repeat on the other side, if necessary.   


To make your therapy session more effective, stretch the muscles you just worked.  Cat stretches are great for the lower back as are gentle back bends.    


For the cat stretch, get on your hands and knees and arch your back vertebrae by vertebrae while breathing out, release your head down.  Inhale, while letting your lower back sag and releasing vertebrae by vertebrae, ending with your head raised and looking up slightly.  Repeat a few more times. 


If cat stretches don’t appeal to you, just put your fists on both sides of your lower back and bend back gently, hold for a few moments and repeat a few more times. 


For a gluteal stretch, lie down on your back, bend your knees and place the foot of the affected leg on the opposite knee.  Pull the leg that has the foot on the ground toward you with your hands wrapped around your upper thigh.  Repeat a few more times.  Do the same thing with the other leg if you have pain on both sides. 


By warming up the muscles, putting your body weight on tennis balls, and stretching the muscles you can greatly heal your sciatic pain. 


By Melanie Herendeen, BS, APP, CMT, Wellness Organix Massage, Owner, 6431 Georgetown N Blvd, Fort Wayne, IN  46815  (260) 418-5190 







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