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Wellness Organix Massage Offers Raindrop Therapy for Quick Pain Relief

Raindrop Therapy is a memorable type of massage therapy that jumpstarts your body’s healing mechanisms.  Whether recovering from a recent illness, injury, longstanding condition, or just want to relax the Raindrop will benefit you.  It involves the spine, back muscles, feet, and a series of 100% pure (no synthetic ingredients) essential oils.  Essential oils are very concentrated and highly potent.  Below is a partial list and brief description of the essential oils used in this amazing session. They are written about in the “People’s Desk Reference for Essential Oils”, compiled by Essential Science Publishing.

Benefits of Session

“Oregano” reduces inflammation, which will reduce pain.  It also kills germs, viruses, and bacteria.  D. Gary Young, ND, creator of the Raindrop, believes that viruses and bacteria cause spinal conditions.

 “Thyme” kills viruses, inhibiting the growth of infectious microorganisms.

  “Basil” reduces muscle spasms, which includes the smooth muscles of the heart and  digestive tract.  It reduces  inflammation and kills germs and bacteria.

 “Cypress” improves circulation, relieves spasms and swelling, and helps to heal damaged tissue.  “Circulation is what heals  us”, according to Denise Austin, well known fitness expert.

 “Wintergreen” reduces inflammation and is analgesic (pain relieving) due to its high methyl salicylate content.  It is also  excellent for bones and joints due to its cortisone-like activity. 

 “Marjoram” relieves muscle spasms and relaxes muscles.

 “Peppermint” enhances the effects of all the preceding essential oils.  It is also an analgesic and has properties that kill viruses.  It also stimulates the body’s circulation and cools inflamed tissue.  
The series of oils used in the Raindrop have a synergetic effect as they work together to treat the whole person. The oils are also strengthening to the immune system and excellent for recovery as well as preventative care.  As an added bonus they open the bronchial airways and sinuses making it easier to breathe.  

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are the volatile oils that are distilled from plants.  At Wellness Organix Massage at Georgetown we use 100% pure essential oils from “Young Living Essential Oils”.  Pure means there are no synthetic chemicals added to the oils.  They are also organic, which means they are free of chemicals or preservatives.  Essential oils differ from cooking oils or massage oils because they are not oily.  They are often added to massage oils in small amounts for their therapeutic benefits.  The use of essential oils goes all the way back to biblical times for their ability to heal the body. 

They quickly enter the bloodstream through the skin and have the ability to get into the cells of the body within seconds.  The oils continue working within the body for several days.  A once or twice a week session is ideal if you experience back problems.  The recommendation is the same if you have a weakened immune system. Repeat until conditions improve.  Once a month or so is great for preventative care and to invigorate the back and boost the immune system.

History of the Raindrop Technique

The Raindrop Technique was invented by Dr. David Young of Young Living Essential Oil Company. Young explains this in his book, “Raindrop Technique”.  He says that a Lakota medicine man, Wallace Black Elk, told him about how the Lakota Indians used to go to Canada every spring to experience the beauty and healing benefits of “aurora borealis” or Northern Lights.  Here the Lakota’s would raise their hands toward the stars in the evening sky, and breathe the energy into their spines.  They believed this experience would raise their energy levels to a place conducive to healing.  Later, borders between Canada and the US were built making it difficult to travel to Canada to experience the Northern Lights.  They then substituted by brushing feathers along the spine to create the same energetic effects.

Dr. Young knew that certain essential oils were very healing to the spine and increased one’s energetic frequency.  From the inspirations of Wallace Black Elk he combined the feathering effect used by the Lakota’s with the use of essential oils to promote healing within the body. Thus, the increasingly popular Raindrop Therapy was created.

Experiencing a Session

Prior to the session you will be asked to disrobe from your waist up and get under the covers while your massage therapist leaves the room.  She will knock on the door a few minutes later to make sure you are ready for the session to begin.  A series of essential oils are worked into your feet first, and then dropped along your spine like raindrops and feathered into your back. Feathering consists of using the back of ones hands and fingers and ever so lightly gliding them along the back in six inch strokes.  Also included in the session is a relaxing and therapeutic back massage.  The session concludes with hot towel compressions on your back to further increase the absorption of the oils and, of course, your amazing relaxation experience.

The beauty of the session lies in the wonderful aromas of the oils, and the speed at which muscles relax, pain dissipates, and you start feeling revived.  Raindrop Therapy truly is an experience you will always remember.

By Melanie Herendeen, BS, APP, CMT, Wellness Organix Massage, Owner
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