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Natural Migraine Therapy Now Offered at Wellness Organix Massage

Wellness Organix Massage in Fort Wayne, Indiana offers a variety of wellness related massage services, such as natural migraine therapy. Customers can find astounding relief from their headache pain with this therapy. Migraines sufferers’ pain can be excruciating and last for several days. Pain can extend from the head and face to the back and shoulders. Further, migraine sufferers often have to deal with fevers, chills, and sweating. They can also become very sensitive to light, sound, noise and odors, as well as experience nausea and vomiting.

Doctor’s know that when a person has a migraine the blood vessels in the brain become dilated. Dr. Mercola, a leader in alternative medicine, says that new evidence is pointing to a “brain stem malfunction” as the place of origin for migraine pain. Dr. Mercola says that medications only help half of migraine sufferers half the time. He warns of the side effects of taking prescription migraine medications such as, “ulcers and gastrointestinal bleeding, stroke and heart attack, muscle weakness, dizziness, and nausea.”

According to Kelly Loft, nationally certified massage instructor and creator of the original cold stone therapy, these are some of the common triggers to headache pain. 

    "Stress/anxiety, smoking and/or tobacco products (nicotine), Caffeine, foods with tyramine sulfates and nitrates, perfumes or chemical odors - sense of smell strongest, goes directly to brain, lack of food (low blood sugar), dehydration, medications side effects, alcohol, bright or flickering lights - having picture taken, chocolate - semi sweet (dark chocolate can get rid of headache), muscle tension, altitude (flight migraines), hormonal changes, motion - traveling amusement rides, changes in weather including humidity, barometric pressure, and temperature, serotonin - common for a migraine when it drops, and TMJ dysfunction"             

Benefits of Session

Dr. Mercola and many health professionals advise cold therapy to reduce the pain and occurrence of migraines. Studies show that cold therapy alone helps to eliminate or reduce migraine pain 50% of the time. Now, sufferers can be helped even more with the in-depth natural therapy that Wellness Organix Massage offers.

The cold stone migraine therapy helps the blood vessels to constrict, relaxes the muscles around it, and brings the congested blood in the head down to the feet. It is best to get a session at the very beginning of a headache. It is also helpful at any stage. This therapy is excellent as a preventative measure for migraines that originate from muscle tension and/or stress.

The session lasts 45 minutes and costs a mere $50--much less than a trip to the emergency room or to see a headache specialist. Massage is becoming increasingly recommended by doctors to help migraine sufferers. There are 5 parts to our migraine therapy, which involves cold therapy, massage, aromatherapy, heat therapy, and reflexology.

Experiencing a Session

The session begins with heat therapy on the feet. Based on whether one’s headache is caused by the environment, stress, or foods, an organic aromatherapy oil blend is selected. Specialized massage therapy is performed to relax the muscles that may have tensed up due to pain. Cold marble stones designed specifically for the face are carefully placed on the face and neck. Foot reflexology, with special attention to the reflex points for the head, neck and shoulders concludes the session.

From feedback from my clients, I can say that the therapy will leave one feeling very relaxed and somewhat invigorated. The pain will most likely be gone or greatly reduced by the end of the session. In some instances, it may happen more gradual but within 24 hours one should notice a positive effect from the session.

History of Session

Kelly Loft recently created the Natural Migraine Therapy utilizing cold stones. This session was extended by me, the author of this article, and owner of Wellness Organix Massage to further accommodate migraine sufferers.

I have created a more advanced pain reducing session that substitutes totally organic oils and works reflexes on the feet and muscles of the upper back and shoulders. I choose to use organic oils because they are free from harmful chemicals. What we put on our skin does get into the cells inside our body. In addition, from working on people who are prone to migraines, I have learned that oftentimes their headaches start as muscle tension in the upper back and shoulders and move up to the head and face. So, it is important that all of these areas receive massage therapy and, of course, is included in this session.

Further, Dr. Mercola, in his on line newsletter article, “Why Migraines Strike”, recommends that those who are prone to migraines “avoid wheat, grains, sugar and all fluids but water”. He also recommends “exercise” and eating “whole foods”.

There are many triggers to migraines and some may need to take prescription medications at times. However, one can try to avoid what triggers a migraine, practice good self-care, and receive alternative healing therapies such as the cold stone migraine therapy. I am currently offering free phone or in office consultations for anyone with any questions about this new cutting edge therapy.

By Melanie Herendeen, BS, APP, CMT, Wellness Organix Massage, Owner, (260) 418-5190,
6431 Georgetown North Blvd. Fort Wayne, IN  46815


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