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Frozen Shoulder Help

Frozen shoulder occurs when the joint capsule becomes inflamed and locks up.  Frozen shoulder is called adhesive capsulitis.  If you have this condition your shoulder is in a lot of pain and its range of motion is severely limited.  Usually it is caused from an injury yet sometimes the cause is a mystery.  It can take one to three years for the shoulder joint to heal.  There are several things you can do to decrease your healing time.  Applying topicals, heat therapy, incorporating foods, herbs, spices, and enzymes in your diet, specialized massage, and exercise can all help.

Applying a topical analgesic, muscle relaxant, and anti-inflammatory to your shoulder joint can speed up healing time.  You will need all three for best results.  There are many topical herbs and minerals you can use.  "Magnesium spray" by Ancient Minerals, can relax the tissues and reduce inflammation.  For pain relief, "muscle and joint rub" by Herb Pharm works well.  Use both at least in the morning and before bed.  If you feel tired after using the magnesium just use it at night.

You can find exactly where the joint capsule is by tracing with your index finger in the grove where your arm meets your upper back and chest.  Cover the front, top and back of your shoulder joint with your topicals.  It is important to apply them underneath the shoulder joint as well.  In the center of your armpit is the lower part of the shoulder joint capsule.  Make sure your topicals are pure and free of toxins.

In addition, once severe pain subsides you can apply heat to your shoulder.  Please don't forget to apply heat under your arms and all the way around your shoulder joint.  You can use warm wet towels to wrap around your shoulder.  You can put wet towels in a crock pot and turn it on low to get the towels warmed up.  Another option is to soak in a bath tubn with warm water with the water covering the whole shoulder socket.  Do either one the heat therapies for at least 5 minutes and up to so minutes at a time.

Many medical personnel push people who have this painful condition to do exercise, physical therapy or chiropractic services while the shoulder joint is severely inflamed.  It usually makes the person suffer more than they already are.  Waiting until you can get the joint pain under control before stretching the arm is a smart choice.

Massage therapy can help reduce stress, increase circulation, and relax the muscles outside of the shoulder joint.  A massage therapist who will also apply topicals and heat all the way around the joint can help even more.  Some therapists may even be able to release the adhesions inside the joint capsule, and without force, such as those trained by orthopedic massage therpaist. James Waslaski.

While you are taking care of yourself when you have a frozen shoulder you can add a muscle relaxant, anti-inflammatory, and an analgesic to your diet.  While there are others, the herb valerian is an excellent muscle relaxant to take, ginger or turmeric spices can be added to your food choices to reduce inflammation, and the herb white willow bark capsules can be taken to reduce pain.

Perhaps even more important is eating a diet with as many plant foods as possible.  This will help get your internal body chemsitry alkaline and supply your body with nutrients needed to heal.  Acidity is the opposite of alkalinity and is involved in many illnesses and pain conditions.

Proteolytic enzymes such as bromelain have been know to help reduce inflammation and pain.  The enzyme serrapeptase is amazing if you also have scar tissus.  It will help dissolve it.  Enzymes come in capsule form.

Healing from this condition is a journey and it can't be forced before the joint capsule is ready.  Once the inflammation goes down and it is no longer painful when you bump it, you can start stretching it.  I recommend a whole body stretch and strengthening program because the longer your joint has been frozen the more the muscles shorten and weaken including muscles farther from your shoulder.  Back and hip muscles will be affected as well.  Classical Stretch or Essentrics by Miranda Esmonde White is a great whole body workout. The workout programs incorporate a lot of exercises that increase shoulder joint range of motion.  It can be viewed on PBS channel 39 or streamed with a variety of instructors.  Many frozen shoulder sufferers have healed their shoulder and their whole body by doing the exercises daily.

I hope that you feel more empowered with natural options that can help speed up healing of this condition.  Thank you, Melanie Herendeen, Nationally Certified Massage Therapist

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